Camp Wilderness
April 29 - May 1, 2021

  • $130 - Early Bird rate until three weeks before camp.
  • $145 - camp rate after Early Bird discount deadline 
  • Registration must be paid in full by 4/8 to keep Early Bird discount.
  • FAC


    Camp Wilderness
    Friday April 30 to Sunday May 2, 2020

    $125 early bird rate until two weeks before camp. Discount taken at check-out.


    This camp is for JTC graduates and Commanders active in their Outpost. For 2021 only, we are waiving the JTC and Fall Trace attendance requirements, but boys have to be at least 11 years old to attend. Boys and men will all be treated as equals and have the fully-immersive experience of living like a frontiersman. Graduates will become members of FCF.
    Since the Frontier Action Camp is a Sabre camp, it is challenging both mentally and physically, with lots of work in order to graduate. While the skills and attitudes that are learned are extremely important, we also want attendees to see the more relational side of FCF.
    For that reason, you will need to attend FCF Fall Trace that year in order to complete the requirement to earn the Sabre credit of this camp (waived for 2021).
    You will learn:
    • To use frontiersman tools like flint and steel to start fires
    • Primitive archery
    • How to safely throw tomahawks and knives
    • Frontier cooking
    • Earn the Knife & Hawk merit

    A frontiersman shirt, primitive lodges, food and camping gear are provided.

    Commanders and Elite grads who wish to serve on staff must be Wilderness members and have to be approved by the camp organizers!


    1. Register on Campwise. Registration closes two weeks prior to camp.
    2. Go through the Frontiersman Workbook ahead of camp so that you know the basics of what you will be learning.
    3. Pack all the items on the kit list yourself! That way you know where to find it.
    4. Arrive before 10am, leave your gear in the Training Center and report to the office. Camp starts on a Firday so you may miss a day of school.
    5. Arrange for your parents to attend your graduation at 3pm on Sunday, you go home with them after that.
    6. Make sure your Commander gives you credit for any merit requirements you achieved at camp (Knife & hawk, Fire Craft)
    7. Your Frontiersman rep is Squints. Email him if you have any questions.
    8. Staff have to be approved by the Camp Commander before registering on Campwise and adults 18+ have the Pastor reference form signed and turn it in at camp registration. Yup, you'll need one for every camp.

    Ask to join our Chippewa Chapter Facebook group.


    Clothing (think layers):

    • Jacket (optional)
    • Sweatshirt
    • Raincoat
    • 2 pr. Pants (jeans; military-type fatigue; cargo)
    • Boots or shoes for outdoor activities
    • 3 T-shirts (wicking-type is preferred; Royal Rangers or other)
    • 4 pr. Socks
    • Underclothing


    • Sleeping bag & Pillow (cots are provided)
    • Sharp Pocket Knife or Multi-Tool (w/sheath)
    • Water Bottle
    • Download FCF Workbook from main FCF page
    • Toiletry kit & mirror (Ziplock bag)
    • Toothbrush & toothpaste
    • Soap & shampoo (body wash)
    • Deodorant
    • Towel & washcloth
    • Lip Balm (chapstick)
    • Pencils (2 ea.)
    • Small Bible
    • Personal First-aid kit & meds
    • Camera (optional)
    • Insect repellant
    • Traditional FCF items are allowed if you have them

    All prescription medications must be checked-in with the Camp Medical Officer at registration.

    NO Electronic Devices allowed at camp. No flashlights!



    Camp WIlderness landline