The National Rendezvous is a special event of the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF) group within Royal Rangers that occurs once every four years.  This national event draws together men and boys from all across the country for a time of fun and fellowship in a frontier setting.

Wanna go? Let us know.

A group from our district will be going. We will car pool to Camp Eagle Rock at Eagle Rock, Missouri and camp together there. Situated in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, Camp Eagle Rock is the ideal location for Renezvous and the 2018 event is sure to be the best one ever! We hope you can join us.

Start by letting us know you're interested in going. From there we will arrange transportation and lodging as a group. We plan to take advantage of the meal plan the camp offers so that we don't have to haul as much stuff for cooking. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


We'll pick you up on July 16

Groups will begin arriving on Sunday to set up camp. The event will then officially kick‐off Monday evening with a celebratory rally at the camp amphitheater, a huge outdoor theater. Camp activities will begin Tuesday morning and continue through Thursday afternoon. Each day will conclude with an exciting evening rally with contemporary worship, family‐friendly comedy, and challenging messages by nationally‐known guest speakers. Camporama will officially conclude with a final assembly on Thursday evening, followed by a world‐class fireworks demonstration. All groups will begin breaking camp Friday morning after breakfast and will be off site by early afternoon on Friday.

Participation Requirements

Participation in the 2018 National FCF Rendezvous is open to all FCF members, as well as those seeking to join FCF by participating in the Frontier Adventure (refer to our Frontier Adventure page for details). Attendees who register before May 17, 2018 will receive a special commemorative FCF hat pin. Members of chartered Royal Rangers outposts receive a 15% discount if preregistered (meals plans and on-site registration excluded.)

Please note that Rendezvous registration does NOT include meals. However, our group will be taking the meal plans available for purchase through the Rendezvous Cafe for an additional fee.


Each adult leader who brings at least three boys to rendezvous will receive a special 50% discount on his registration.  To receive the discount, the leader and the three boys he's bringing must register at the same time, by mail, including Rendezvous ApplicationMedical Record, and the appropriate registration fees for each person.  Please note that this discount is only available by mail and cannot be received via online registration.


Registration for National Rendezvous may be made online or by mail. To register online, visit our Online Registration page. To register by mail, please submit the following application for each individual attending, with the appropriate fees as stated below:


  • Before May 17th - $92

  • Before June 17th - $100

  • On or after June 17th - $106

  • On Site - $140


  • Before May 17th - $108

  • Before June 17th - $115

  • On or after June 17th - $125

  • On Site - $140

Dress Code

Typical FCF outfits are the norm. Bathing suits must be modest for the camp setting (no Speedo’s please). Sturdy walking shoes are strongly recommended. Artwork or logos on shirts and shorts must be consistent with a Christian environment. 


Utility or dress uniforms are not needed. 

Check the Rendezvous page for Activities & More Info

Bring your knife, hawk and flint & steel. There may be time for crafting, but realize space in the vehicles is limited.