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Dates: March 9 – 23, 2019

Project: Construction of a Water Pump/Well or Community Center

Project Cost: $6,000 - $8,000

Where: A remote Village off the Annapurna Circuit Trail somewhere in the Himalayan Mountains

Lodging: Tents

Who: FCF members will be given preference but this trip is open to anybody (male or female) who is physically, mentally and spiritually ready to serve. 

Cost: $2,500 Per Person includes:

  • $1,200- $1,440 flights
  • $550 @ $60 a day per diem
  • $600 project cost

You will also need to purchase high-end hiking gear on out gear list. Allow $500 to $700 for this.

This Qualifies as an FCF GOLD Pathfinder's Trip:

We will be trekking approximately 2 days in from drop off point to a remote village that has no Christian Church or witness.   

Once on site we will sleep in our own tents and hire nationals to prepare our meals.

We will work about 7 days on the project depending on our exact travel time.

Optimal size of the team will be 6-10.



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The team will be doing this act of kindness in order for Mike and his national friends to be able to have meaningful dialog about Jesus and share his love to people who are unreached.


Check out this video

IMG 9680   You will be doing a lot of strenuous hiking, with a heavy backpack stocked with all the assigned grear. Expect your pack to weigh 35lbs (max).
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 This trip is not for the feint-hearted! Nepal has little to no safety standards so you will be expected to take extreme caution.


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The roads you see here in our pictures quickly turn into pathways, at best.  We're not kidding when we say you need to be in shape in order to go. It might be sunny and warm one day, but as you ascend to higher altitudes the air gets thin and it becomes a lot colder.

A doctor's consent is required, declaring you fit and healthy.

 IMG 9678  There are rest stops that sell light refershments along the Anaperna trail ONLY. We will traveling along this trail for a while, but will turn off the route to head North where the remote villages are; high up in the mountains. Stops like these will NOT be part of your per diem so bring spending money.


If you're interested in joining us, review the Applicant Check List that will answer most your initial questions. Application dealine and deposti due May 15, 2018. For more information contact Pastor Bruce at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Application Documents Folder


Apply online ($100 non-refundable deposit)

Make the 1st Payment ($700 due by July 15th, 2018)

Make the 2nd Payment ($700 due by Sept 15th, 2018)

Make the 3rd Payment ($700 due Nov 15th, 2018)

Make the 4th and final payment ($700 due by Jan 15th, 2019)


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