Camp Wilderness
Friday, May 28 to Monday May 31, 2021

$20 per camper. Registration closes two weeks before camp.


Build lifelong friendships as you spend Memorial Day weekend living like a frontiersman in the late 1700's! Allow us to host you and your family as we provide you with a fully-immersive old-world experience packed with games, competitions and unforgettable fellowship. Ask the FCF member that invited you to help you put together an outfit before you arrive, or see one of the Clothiers at camp. We usually have enough primitive camping gear to go around, but bring your modern camping equipment in case. Please email jody@wnmdag.org for help.


All campers have to be approved by their pastor and adults need a background check on file with their home church. This camp is intended for FCF members who wish to show their families what FCF is all about. Each member's family may invite one additional guest family with a boy interested in joining FCF.


A devotional service is offered every morning and evening during camp. We all sit around a roaring council fire as our camp speaker brings the Word. We like to sing a few worship songs so please bring an instrument if you play.

Days are packed with competitions in black powder rifle shooting, tomahawk and knife throwing; and other Frontiersmen skills. You are welcome to try your hand at blacksmithing, bring items for trading or practice your frontiersman craft during camp. Be ready to teach someone a new skill.


That's entirely up to you. No meals are provided, so members are expected to coordinate food with their guests. We suggest you keep meals simple, allowing more free time to enjoy frontier activities or camp crafts. Try to keep with the frontier theme when doing your meal plan.


We camp as if it's the 1800's in period-correct canvas tents, using equipment available only in that time period. To maximize this experience for everyone, we ask that you try your very best to dress the part and use the gear FCF members have available to you. But don't let that stop you from attending. Many families will use modern camping equipment, but they do so subtly with the least possible impact on the frontier experience – no electricity, no flashlights and we all hide modern conveniences very well.


Every year members donate quality items like cookware, clothes and handmade trade items FCF'ers need to build their kits and outfits. These items are then individually auctioned off and all proceeds go to support missions. Please remember to bring cash or your checkbook to support this great cause.


FCF members will wear their outfits and camp as frontiersmen. Families are welcome to use modern camping gear but we ask that you try your best to blend in by not using modern lighting; we should have enough lanterns to go around.

Please let us know the size of your "tin teepee" or tent so that we can fit you into the camping circle ahead of time. Firewood and modern shower facilities are provided (...but they don't clean themselves).

Clothing (if you want to dress like a frontiersman)
Some families go all out and make clothes but you can be creative with what you find at Goodwill:

    • Wool blanket as a jacket if you chill easily
    • Button up shirt, preferably with a floral pattern
    • Pants (look period correct, white painters pants with pockets removed work well)
    • Boots or shoes for outdoor activities (modern is okay, no tennis shoes)


  • A very long extension cord if you need power
  • Family tent or RV (pre-arranged)
  • Sleeping bag, pillow, cot or mattress
  • Waterproof ground cloth (tarp) or plastic
  • Camping gear for cooking
  • Cooking grate
  • Sharp Pocket Knife or Multi-Tool (w/sheath)
  • Water Bottle
  • Matches, water-proof w/container
  • Shovel (optional)
  • Toiletries (soap & shampoo is not provided)
  • Towel & washcloth
  • Small Bible
  • Personal First-aid kit & meds
  • Camera (optional)
  • Board games (optional)

All prescription medications must be checked-in with the Camp Medical Officer at registration.

Kids are not allowed Electronic Devices at camp.


  1. Register each camper on Campwise. Registration closes two weeks ahead of camp.
  2. Set up before 7pm Friday when camp starts and get your vehicle out of camp
  3. We pack up and leave camp after Monday morning service. If you need to leave early, please let the camp staff know.
  4. Staff have to be approved by the Camp Commander before registering on Campwise and adults 18+ have the Pastor reference form signed and turn it in at camp registration. Yup, you'll need one for every camp.


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